16 October 2009

My Dogs: Alf and Nikki

Alf is about 2.5 years old German Shepherd male - born in Holland. Nikki is about 2.5 years old Siberian Husky female - born in Sweden. They both love each other.

Husky is a no-nonsense dog. No barking, only when playing. Natural hunter. Left without lead will hunt even large animals. Fantastic for mountain-biking and outdoor sports. Can not be alone. Needs companion.

Husky is attached but does not show it much. On contrary German Shepherd is very attached and will follow you even in the toilet. Husky does not make a watch dog. Is friendly to all. On the other hand German Shepherd will guard the house and surroundings. Alf can be aggressive if frightened, but is very sensitive and will not kill at once. Will ask for permission first! ;-) Kidding!