24 May 2010

Toyota iQ - Dashboard Reflection

Today I had opportunity to try Toyota iQ for the third time. Like previously as a replacement car while mine was in the service. This time the car was purple. You can read my previous review of Toyota iQ here.
I decided to make a note on a very important issue that this car has. The front mounted dashboard island console that really serves no particular purpose is painted in very shiny finish. This combined with horizontal orientation and curvy configuration produces very strong light reflections at almost any bright sun angle. This has really a blinding effect. I have seen notes on discussion groups of users asking how to matt the surface. Toyota should promptly address this problem.
Two other issues that came back when driving this cute little car are: quite uncomfortable seats and poor radio controls. Seats are OK for a low budget car but iQ is in the rather high price category for it's class. The other issue is the little joystick mounted on the steering wheel that operates the radio. It is very user unfriendly. I could not figure out how to adjust bass, treble and balance. I know it is there since I saw it for a moment when pressing all the buttons in panic when after I started the car it blasted at me with high volume music.

So once again I would like to point that it is very important for the driver how the car feels on the inside. It's even more important than how it looks from the outside since we see it from the inside for most of the time.