22 November 2009

Toyota Land Cruiser - power windows reset

This is a note about Toyota Land Cruiser 120 Prado model from 2005 - concerning power windows reset. It has happened to me twice that after disconnecting the battery automatic power windows would not function properly. I was looking at the fuses - without solution. Then I found a note on the web referring to the user manual. What happens is that after disconnecting the battery the power windows jam protection function will not function correctly after the battery is reconnected. The little lights on the power windows switches will blink indicating an error. The solution is quite simple so in order to save you some time here are instructions on how to reset the anti jam power windows feature:
1. Turn ignition key so the dashboard lights are on and you can operate the power windows. No need to start the engine.
2. Push down the power window switch and lower the window halfway.
3. Pull up the switch until the window closes and hold for a second.
4. Perform the procedure separately for each window.
Now windows should open and close automatically.