19 January 2011

Monkey Looking at Cerebellum

When looking at the contents of the Internal Acoustic Canal it always reminds me of a face of the "Monkey Looking at Cerebellum". So I developed a simple way to remember its contents. Note the position of the oblique sagittal T2 slice that is indicated on the topogram and its angle that is shown on the right. You recognize cerebellum easily on the left image.
Long arrow on the first image shows Vestibular Nerve entering Internal Acoustic Meatus. Oblique sagittal T2 sequence through the Internal Acoustic Canal showing it's contents:
02:00 - Superior Vestibular Nerve
04:00 - Inferior Vestibular Nerve
08:00 - Cochlear Nerve
10:00 - Facial Nerve.
In other words the "mouth" of our "monkey" has a V letter shape since it is a "smiling monkey" and V represents Vestibular Nerve (Superior and Inferior). The upper "eye" is the Facial Nerve and the lower "eye" is the Cochlear Nerve. We can follow the Cochlear Nerve to the Cochlea.