25 May 2011

Tail of Caudate Nucleus Infarct

Another case of selective infarct. Here is an isolated infarct in the distal portion of the Tail of Caudate Nucleus. Note high signal on DWI and low on corresponding ADC. Images from 1.5T scanner.

On the second and third (FLAIR) image you can see high signal of the infarcted tail of caudate nucleus that is extending to the amygdala. It is also showing edema on T2 image. Such isolated infarct is in the territory of the Lateral Posterior Choroid Arteries (LPCAs) that originate from the distal Posterior Cerebral Artery (PCA) trunk. With modern imaging we see more of such selective infarcts. Neurological correlation is very interesting in such cases. This one is not easy to find in the literature.

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