08 September 2011


T1 sequences showing contrast enhancing aggressive looking tumor in the dorsal parts of the right frontal lobe with extensive edema (last image - FLAIR). Pathology examination revealed Glioblastoma. It is a highly aggressive tumor with poor prognosis. Follow-up revealed recurrence of tumor despite resection, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

One subjective note concerning this case.
When I see young patients (40 yrs) with such aggressive tumor I can not stop thinking about all the people I see around me talking on their GSM phones. There has not been, as far as I know, proven correlation between tumor occurrence and extensive use of GSM. And I even do not know if this patient was using handheld phone extensively. There are many theories, among other concerning genetic predisposition and external "vectors" that can stimulate growth of such tumors. But why not "stay on the safe side" and limit lengthy telephone conversations with handheld device. Modern phones mostly have antennas in the region where we hold them in our hands - as far away from the brain as possible. But the older ones had antennas radiating exactly in the region where this tumor occurred. So my teaching point from this case is - use headphones with microphone (not blue-tooth - as this is radiation as well only less) and hold the GSM in your hand whenever possible - just to "be on the safe side".