13 September 2011

MCA Territory

Unenhanced CT showing tissue loss after Middle Cerebral Artery MCA infarct involving whole territory of MCA. Note sparring of occipital lobe as well as medial temporal lobe - that belong to Posterior Cerebral Artery PCA territory. Also note medial parts of the frontal lobe that belong to Anterior Cerebral Artery ACA.

Above unenhanced CT from the investigation three months prior at acute stage of infarct showing "Dense Vessel Sign" indicating occlusion of the main M1 segment of the MCA on the left side.

CT Perfusion study at the time of acute infarct showing: increased Mean Transit Time MTT, decreased Blood Volume BV and decreased Blood Flow BF. Especially the decreased BF - represented by dark blue in the last image indicates infarct that can not be saved. Remember: "Blue is Bad" in CT Perfusion.