18 May 2011

Pontine Cavernoma

Patient with known Cavernous Malformation (Cavernoma) in the pons presents with early subacute hemorrhage. Note high signal on non-enhanced sagittal T1, central and peripheral low signal on coronal FLAIR as well as high signal centrally and low peripheral on transversal Susceptibility Weighted Image (SWI). Transversal T2 shows low signal centrally and low peripheral. This represents early subacute hemorrhage with Methemoglobin in Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and deposits of Hemosiderin in the periphery of the Cavernoma. Also note mass effect on the fourth ventricle. Images from 3 Tesla (3T) MRI.
Learning points here are typical location of the Cavernous Malformation in the Pons as well as MRI signal characteristics of the early subacute hemorrhage.
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