Spinal Neurinoma

Patient presented with acute left C2 nerve root neurological symptoms. MR revealed at the level C1-2 a 'dumbbell' shaped intraforaminal mass that was well defined, with high signal on T2, rather homogeneously enhancing, located predominantly extradural and compromising spinal cord significantly. There was also enlargement of the intervertebral foramen without signs of aggressive bone destruction. Radiologic appearance of Spinal Neurinoma. Prompt operation confirmed diagnosis of Schwannoma that was mostly located extradural however with also some intradural component that has been easily evacuated during operation.

This case gives opportunity to remind the anatomical location of the spinal nerves. At the level of the cervical spine nerve roots above vertebra have the same number as the vertebra. While in the rest of the spine nerve roots below vertebra have the same number as the vertebra. Therefore nerve root C1 exits above C1 vertebra, C7 root above C7 vertebra, root C8 below C7 vertebra and T1 below T1 vertebra.

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