Calcified Thoracic Disc Herniation

Large left sided paramedian calcified thoracic disk herniation. Note calcifications also present anteriorly in the annulus fibrosus at this level that has reduced disk height. CT was performed 5 years prior.

Current MR (sag STIR and axial T2) showing mostly unchanged disk herniation with low signal on both sequences, but fortunately without spinal stenosis - visible spinal fluid around medulla. The slightly high signal in medulla on sag is an artifact. Calcified thoracic disk herniations pose problem for surgeons when are causing spinal stenosis and requiring operation. It is common that thoracic disk herniations calcify. Should not be confused with meningioma. Thoracic spine being part of thoracic cage is more rigid and stable than more flexible cervical and lumbar spine - so the herniations tend to progress less than on other spinal levels.

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