Anomalous ossicle between laminae C2 and C3


There are many congenital anomalies of the spine. One rare is this one spotted as incidental finding on MRI of the Cervical Spine of a 64 years old patient. Reporting radiologist pointed skeletal anomaly in form of an ossicle between laminae of C2 and C3 on the right side causing slight impression on the posterior part of the dural sack, recommending further analysis with CT of the Cervical Spine. The CT has confirmed what looks like an anomalous ossicle between laminae C2 and C3. The ossicle has its own cortex and there are some depressions in the laminae due to its presence. 

Similar anomalous ossicle is described in T. Keats - Atlas of Normal Roentgen Variants 7th edition, Figure 3-69, page 215. 

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